February 2024

Are Electric Forklifts The Future

Is the Era of Electric Forklifts Upon Us?

In the past decade, electric forklifts have steadily gained traction in warehouses and distribution centers, driven by a desire to reduce (emissions) environmental impact and operational costs. Yet, the question looms: are these advanced lift trucks set to supplant their dependable gas and diesel counterparts? Let’s delve into the critical considerations of electric versus gas forklifts. The decision between electric and gas forklifts hinges largely on specific operational requirements, but signs suggest a shift favoring electric models. Significant players in logistics, such as Amazon and Walmart, are committing to expanding their electric fleets, while startups like Hoist Liftruck are focusing […]

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Why are used forklifts so popular

The Rising Popularity of Forklift Trade-Ins: What’s Behind the Trend?

Recently, trading in forklifts has gained significant traction, sparking curiosity about its sudden surge in popularity. This article delves into the underlying reasons driving this trend. Firstly, the technological advancements in forklifts have been remarkable. With the emergence of electric forklifts boasting enhanced efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional gas-powered models, businesses are incentivized to upgrade their fleets. Trade-ins allow companies to transition to newer, more sustainable equipment without bearing the entire financial burden upfront. Moreover, the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding emissions and environmental sustainability plays a pivotal role. Governments worldwide impose stricter industrial emissions regulations,

The Rising Popularity of Forklift Trade-Ins: What’s Behind the Trend? Read More »

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