Sun Equipment sells Hyster Forklifts

Hyster unveils two new lithium-ion forklift models

Hyster has unveiled two new lithium-ion battery-powered forklifts, the three-wheel J32-40UTTL and four-wheel J30-70UTL.( LOCAL NEWS by – 18 Jan 2024 ( #1162 ) – Greenville, NC, United States) The UTTL is available in capacity ranges of 3,200 lb. (1.5 T)  to 4,000 lb (1.8 T), while the UTL is available from 3,000 lb. (1.4 T) to 7,000 lb. (3.2 T). Hyster says the two new models provide a new avenue for electrifying forklift applications with less demanding requirements in industries such as chemicals and plastics, third-party logistics and trucking.  “The counterbalanced forklift market is seeing an accelerating shift towards electric, signalling electrification and sustainability […]

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